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RO-500I Series Fully Front Maintenance Rental LED Display

Short Description:

The brand-New Fully Front Maintenance RO-500I adopts updated die-casting aluminum cabinet that gives the RO-500I unprecedented power. Whether indoors or outdoors, satisfying your rental needs to the largest extent. At the same time, high quality SMD as always with high brightness, high refresh rate, stable performance and so on, is absolutely your first choice.

Cabinet Size:  500×500; 500×1000

Pixel Pitch:  1.9mm, 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm,

Applications:  Stage,Conferences, Expo, Events,Concert, etc.





Product Detail


Unprecedented Light

The die-casting cabinet of RO-500I weights only four kilograms, even half the weight of other lightweight cabinet on the market, which achieves an epic improvement in led display weight loss. This undoubtedly meets the most important demands of rental LED display, easy to transport, easy to install and easy to disassemble.


fast maintenance

Tools free for front and rear maintenance, suitable for all kinds of operating environment.
High precision angle lock ±6°,±3°,0°, can be spliced into curved surface / straight screen / circle screen.

Smooth Viewing

Equipped with locating beads, locating pins, and locating hole, RO-500I can precisely position each other, which promises accurate installation at the same time of rapid installation. the whole screen owns high flatness without seam, bringing epically smooth experience to the audience.


Precise Design

Waterproof Rubber Ring and Module corner protection enables RO-500I to be cool with stumbles and water, which is essentially important to rental led screen because of the property of frequent usage.


Multiple Installation

Support wall-mounted, frame installation, magnet adsorption fast installation or hanging installation.


Multiple Applications

control center, Conference room, shopping mall, chain shop, home cinema, bar, etc.


Hardware features

Connecting plug-in without arrangement to improve stability and facilitate installation, disassembly, and maintenance
The unit structure adopts a new cast aluminum shell with lightweight, high precision, fast heat dissipation.
Point-to-point module design for module front/back maintenance
HD led video wall modular design, easy for installation and field maintenance;
Seamless connection; precise modules for getting a smooth viewing experience.


SandsLED recommends that our customers purchase enough LED display modules for spare replacement. If the LED display modules come from different purchases, the LED display modules may come from different batches, which will cause color difference.


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