Outdoor LED Display


Outdoor LED Display

With the maturity of LED display technology, the outdoor LED screen gives the world a visual shock and gives full play to the effects of the LED screen. Outdoor LED displays are an economical, efficient and reliable means of modern advertising that has the potential to provide clients with a high return on investment. Outdoor LED displays have a wider range of functions, higher durability, longer service life and a stronger level of protection than traditional printed billboards.



LED display has become a modern large venue essential facility. It is one of the most important information release carriers on the scene. It is the "soul" equipment in many facilities of sports venues. The timeliness and appreciation of the information presented by the LED display is unparalleled by other display carrier. Choosing the right outdoor LED screen company is crucial and it has been widely used in various outdoor advertising activities.



 1. Inventory of the application range of Outdoor LED display.


2. Installation methods of outdoor full color LED displays.


3. How to choose the right LED display?


4. Why choose SandsLED as LED display manufacturer?


5. The advantages of LED displays include.



1. Inventory of the application range of outdoor LED display.



1. Billboards along the street

Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield of LED displays, and as advertisers pay more and more attention to the audience's feelings, the promotion and application of LED small-pitch display screens, smart advertising machines and other products have allowed LED products to occupy the frontier market of outdoor advertising.


2. Gas Station

Due to the wide coverage of gas stations, large audience and good economic conditions, it is destined that LED screens will also bring greater market value in the gas station market, and at the same time can meet the needs of advertisers. Therefore, in the future, gas stations the station will be a market with huge prospects for the LED display industry.


3. Social Media

Through the central platform software to synchronously broadcast community LED display screens, it can scroll and broadcast community life information such as weather, urban emergency information, public service advertisements, commercial advertisements, and life services in real time, providing convenience for residents and disseminating valuable information at the same time. With the maturity of technology and the further reduction of prices, LED screens are more and more used in social media.


4. Curtain Wall

The data shows that the total area of China's modern glass curtain walls has reached 70 million square meters. Such a huge stock of glass curtain walls is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising, and with the decline of architectural media technology, this will become the LED The new chance of the screen market.


5. Playground Stadium Perimeter

The boom of sports events has sent the dividends of LED display into the stratosphere, as well as will bring the unstoppable development of new forces. Outdoor LED display in sports venues is bound to be promising. So, for the grand sports venues, how to choose a full color LED display for sports venues becomes crucial, so outdoor LED displays are expected to become the first choice for display equipment in these places.


It can be seen that LED display equipment has ushered in a new market explosion period, and the entire industry market will become more prosperous. Our company has always focused on the design and development of separate LED screens, and successfully solved the inherent cumbersome installation of LED displays, complex and bulky structures, and single design and other product application pain points. Slim and foldable screen, mobile storage, convenient and compact; no box, no structure, one-piece hoisting is simple and fast. Convenient installation and maintenance will surely win a good reputation in the display field and have a broader market prospect.





2. Installation methods of outdoor full color LED displays.


The outdoor full color LED displays have various installation methods. Such as:Wall-mounted, embedded, ceiling-mounted, column-mounted, front-maintenance, Building-roof type, etc.

You can choose different installation methods according to different usage scenarios.


1. Wall-mountedType:

It is suitable for Outdoor LED display with small screen area (less than 10 square meters), and generally does not leave space for maintenance access. The whole screen can be removed for maintenance, or made into a folding one-piece frame. Generally, the wall is used as a force point and the outdoor LED display is hung on the wall, and the wall is used as a fixed support. The wall is required to be a solid wall, and hollow bricks or simple partition walls are not suitable for this installation method.


2. Embedded Type:

Need to make steel structure, generally install the steel structure on the wall, and then use the steel structure as the support to embed the outdoor advertising LED display, mainly installed on the outer wall of the building.


3. Hoisting Type:

Mainly adopt the designed steel structure and hang the outdoor LED display on the structure. Usually on the stage, there is no wall support outdoors, when the outdoor LED display is temporarily used, the hoisting method has obvious advantages.


4. Column Type:

According to the size of the screen size, it can be divided into single-column and double-column installation methods. If the screen size is small, choose single column, if the screen size is relatively large, choose double column. Most of them are installed outdoors, where the field of view is wide and the surrounding area is relatively spacious. For example, most of the outdoor advertising LED screens next to the highway are column-mounted. Since there are no walls or available support points around, the installation method of the column type outdoor LED display has high requirements on the steel structure. In addition to the steel structure of the screen, the column type also needs to produce concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation.


5. Front maintenance Type:

The greatest advantage of the installation method is that it is very convenient for maintenance and replacement of accessories. People can directly to maintenance open the screen from the front of the outdoor LED display for operation.


6. Building-roof Type:

The installation on the roof of building is relatively simple. The outdoor LED display adopts a fully waterproof rear maintenance cabinet, and then purchases an L-shaped steel structure as a fixed support. In general, it is necessary to consider the wind force on the roof of building and avoid installing it at the front air outlet. At the same time, the LED display needs to be tilted down at an angle of 5 degrees during installation.



3. How to choose the right LED display?



We can start by considering the space in which the display will be set up.

Firstly, about the specific use of the display. If it is in museums, exhibitions, shopping malls and other places where you need to attract attention and cause visual impact, you can choose spherical screens, square screens, transparent screens and so on. Such novel shapes are more likely to make an impression. If you want to present the complete content, such as match broadcast, video broadcast, etc., then the standard shape of the display is recommended.

Secondly, the distance at which the audience can view it should be considered. This relates to the pixel pitch chosen for the screen. The pixel pitch determines the minimum and optimum viewing distance. If the screen is set up indoors, a pixel pitch of 4.81mm or less would be a good choice. For screens that need to attract attention from a distance outdoors, a pixel pitch of 4.81mm or more may be a good choice.

In addition, pay attention to the protection level of the screen set outdoors. If available, IP65 and above is the best choice.




4. Why choose SandsLED as LED display manufacturer?


1. High quality products

SandsLED is a commercial display screen supplier based in Shenzhen, China. We provide a variety of quality displays both domestically and internationally. With more than 10 years of experience in producing LED displays, this includes creative indoor/outdoor/ground LED displays, transparent LED displays and more. Compared with other LED displays in the market, our products feature fine pixel pitch, high brightness and low power consumption. Sands LED specializes in custom-made creative LED displays, our main product. Since our establishment, we have gained extensive experience in designing, researching and developing, and producing LED displays for many high-end customers.


2. service

Our team is at your service: we offer you complementary solutions and services to help you use your screen. Supporting your brand image is our priority. Competent and responsive, our team will meet your expectations to bring your project to life.



We warranty our materials and workmanship. Our commitment is to your satisfaction with our products. In warranty or not, it is the culture of our company to address and resolute all customer issues to everyone’s satisfaction.




5. The advantages of LED displays include.


1. Beautiful and vivid colors: LED displays can produce bright and vibrant colors that are more visually appealing than traditional displays.

2. High resolution: LED displays can offer a resolution up to 5,000 pixels per square meter, and can support up to 16 million colors.

3. Better contrast: With LED displays, you can enjoy an improved contrast ratio when compared to traditional displays.

4. Long lifetime: LED displays are designed to last over 100,000 hours, making them an ideal investment for commercial settings.

5. Low cost: LED displays are typically the most cost-effective when compared to other display technologies.

6. Low power consumption: LED displays consume less energy than other types of displays.



To Sum up

SandsLED is committed to providing customers with high quality and low price LED displays worldwide, with excellent production capacity and strict practicality.  Please contact us now to learn more about LED display information. We can also provide the best solution. At the same time, you can customize the products according to your needs.