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Spherical LED Display

Short Description:

Spherical display is a creative LED spherical display that breaks the restriction of the traditional LED display’s regular shape. It has multiple display splitting and telescopic display. The image is uniform, high-definition and undistorted. It has super advertising value. Spherical LED display has a stronger visual shock effect. It is more eye-catching for publicity and more unique for decoration. The product and decoration environment can be introduced through LED special-shaped screen to attract more customers and bring more economic benefits.

Product Detail

Strong Visual Impact

The spherical LED display screen adopts a bar shaped display unit, which has strong visual impact and high safety factor.

The spherical LED display screen can be used outdoors and indoors, with light transmission and large pixel pitch. After special processing,

the display unit can be assembled into a variety of special-shaped screens, such as inner arc display, outer arc display, inner circle display, S display, spherical display,

which have a display effect that cannot be achieved by ordinary conventional display screens.

spherical LED display screen

Superior Performance

The spherical LED display screen has the advantages of light weight, good wind resistance, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, convenient front and rear maintenance,

good waterproof performance, good seismic performance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, mute, etc. Same, all aluminum structure design, light weight, solid structure.

The spherical LED display screen adopts trapezoidal line design, which can realize seamless splicing.


Customized Sphere LED Display Solution

The most suitable spherical LED display solution can be customized according to customer requirements and on-site environment.

The installation, movement and lifting of LED spherical display screen can be designed according to customer requirements.

The diameter of sphere LED display can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.

The sphere is completely finished by CNC, and the precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED sphere.

spherical LED display screen3

Multiple Applications

museums, science and technology museums, enterprise exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertising, spherical lighting projects and other places


Hardware Features

Connecting plug-in without arrangement to improve stability and facilitate installation, disassembly, and maintenance;

The unit structure adopts a new cast aluminum shell with lightweight, high precision, fast heat dissipation;

Point-to-point module design for module front/back maintenance;

HD LED video wall modular design, easy for installation and field maintenance;

Seamless connection; precise modules for getting a smooth viewing experience.


SandsLED recommends that our customers purchase enough LED display modules for spare replacement. If the LED display modules come from different purchases, the LED display modules may come from different batches, which will cause color difference.

Technical Specification

Indoor Specification
Product Model P3 P4 P5 P6
LED standard SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020
Pixel Pitch 2.9mm-3.2mm 3.91mm-4.mm 4.9mm-5.1mm 5.9mm-6.1mm
Drive mode 1/22 scan 1/22 scan 1/22 scan 1/22 scan
Brightness 1000CD/ ㎡ 1000CD/ ㎡ 1000CD/ ㎡ 1000CD/ ㎡
Box material Iron Iron Iron Iron
Max power consumption 1000W/ ㎡ 800W/ ㎡ 800W/ ㎡ 800W/ ㎡
Average power consumption 320W/ ㎡ 240W/ ㎡ 240W/ ㎡ 240W/ ㎡
Refresh rate ≥ 1920HZ
Protection Level IP43
Gray scale 1216bit
Outdoor Specification
Product Model P6 P8 P10
LED standard SMD2727 SMD22727 SMD3535
Pixel Pitch 5.9mm-6.1mm 7.9mm-8.1mm 9.9mm-10.1mm
Drive mode 1/8 scan 1/8 scan 1/8 scan
Brightness 5000CD/ ㎡ 5000CD/ ㎡ 5000CD/ ㎡
Box material Iron Iron Iron
Max power consumption 1000W/ ㎡ 1000W/ ㎡ 1000W/ ㎡
Average power consumption 320W/ ㎡ 320W/ ㎡ 320W/ ㎡
Refresh rate ≥ 1920HZ
Protection Level IP65
Gray scale 12-16bit


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