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Customized Creative LED Display

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Why choose Creative LED display?

With the development of design and aesthetics, the market has generated more demand for LED creative displays. Customers have more and more special requirements for the clarity, size, and shape of LED displays. By eye-catching visual effects and unique shapes,Creative LED display can always bring shock visual impact to the audience and it would always be the one of the best ways to highlight your events or advertisements.

Why choose us?

As a leading customized creative LED display solution provider, Sands LED are able to provide creative solutions to your unique needs with our skilled team, over ten years of experience and unparalleled work enthusiasm.

Product Detail


Creative LED Display Solutions

Special indoor & Outdoor Customized Creative LED Displays have fast heat dissipation, high contrast, wide color gamut,
high color reproduction, constant brightness, large viewing angle, low power consumption, and special appearance.
They are perfectly seamless stitching and have anti-electron magnetic interference function.
Optional splicing combination, can be customized any size modeling.

Spherical LED Display

It resembles a spherical and is made up of flexible modules of varying sizes that can play high-definition video. Its functioning is also quite straightforward, and it can be used with a computer or a mobile phone via a 4G network or WIFI. It is commonly employed in science and technology museums or exhibitions, and it has the ability to capture the attention of customers at first glance.



Round LED Display

Pie shaped LED display is a LED screen customized according to the site and customer requirements. It adopts integrated structure. Its installation is flexible and diverse, such as wall, hanging, mosaic, landing. The novel design makes each screen in the exhibition hall, shopping mall, bars, hotels and airport stations be the focus of attention.



Cylindrical LED Display

Curved surface can be displayed with 360° degree multi-screen viewing, high pixel density, low installation cost. Specifications, diameter, height can be customized according to customer needs. According to the installation site to develop specific video, can not only set off the atmosphere of the scene, can also play advertising content.




Cube LED Display

Cube LED display is a creative shaped LED display. As a three-dimensional product, it can display images on multiple sides, and can also work with this speciality to edit videos to achieve an incredible visual effect. It has a clear image and transcendent advertising value. Cube LED display will bring people a greater visual shock. As a store sign, it is more prominent and can attract more people’s attention, and as a store decoration, it can also make more people stop for it. Obviously, the cube LED display will bring you higher economic income.


Horn Shaped LED Display

The horn-shaped screen is a special-shaped screen that can be customised and is made up of flexible modules. It is frequently used in the display rooms of shows, museums, and buildings where shoppers deposit their purchases. Its unique design, which distinguishes it from other conventional display displays, may easily attract people’s attention and cause them to pause to admire it. And it may even turn into a landmark for the area.




Letter LED Display

Special Customized Creative Letter LED displays are assembled with special modular LED display panels of different specifications. They are not limited by the size of the screen. Letter LED display is a brand new concept that allows you to play video directly on the letter or logo surface. It can create an attractive and unique display effect according to site and customer requirements.



Water Drop Shaped LED Display

Water drop shaped LED display is a unique screen. It is a display with more visual impact and innovative structure. A new and unique technology is adopted to provide a water drop-shaped LED display. When the LED display is lit, it looks like a drop of water, which has more eye- catching impact. It can be used in different indoor or outdoor places.





Irregular LED Display

There is no resistant, just freedom. Irregular LED display is endowed with vitality and full with new ideals. You could design the LED screen as your wishes. 

Create what you want and enjoy your own visual feast.




Football shaped led display

The Football shaped LED display is usually composed of thirty-two LED faces combined into a polyhedron, and it can also be spliced ​​into geometric shapes in special shapes, achieving a perfect connection with the smallest gap between the faces. It can be viewed from any angle around it, getting rid of the look and feel of traditional flat screens, football club and is suitable for installation in the atrium of a bar, hotel or commercial real estate, which can give the audience a new visual experience.


About Custom LED Screen

SandsLED screen is transformed into a customized design LED screen on the basis of the conventional LED display so that the new product can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the application. It can be spliced into a variety of irregular shapes to show some creative content, not only attracting the attention of the audience for the first time, but also being a bold way to advertise your brand. Our engineers who have worked for more than 10 years in this kind of ODM-LED display project can always realize your idea into reality. No matter what size and shape of customized creative LED display, like triangle, trapezoid, column, curve, twist, square, rings and so on, can be created.


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