Transparent LED Screen


Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED display is a special pierced display. It can be used behind any shape of glass surface, such as a glass window, and keeps the interior lighted. At the same time, because of the special structure of the transparent screen, it can save up to 50% of energy compared to conventional displays, making it a win-win choice for energy saving and displaying goods.



Our products feature high transparency, lightweight, smart control, simple operation, high refresh rate, energy-saving and more. SandsLED delivers various transparent LED displays to many applications including building glass windows, building glass walls, stores, bars, exhibitions, shopping centers, etc.


1. How to Choose Transparent LED Display Screen?


2. Applications of Transparent LED Displays.


3. What are the characteristics of Transparent LED Display?


4. Transparent LED Screen Advantages.



1. How to Choose Transparent LED Display Screen?


We will give ideas to consider in the following areas.


1. Appropriate brightness levels.

A screen brightness of 800nits can be chosen for indoor LED displays. For transparent displays mounted on windows, a higher brightness level should be chosen.


2. Noise reduction

A good transparent LED screen should be equipped with high quality driver chips and systems to avoid noise interference.


3. Balance of pixel pitch and light transmission

The smaller the pixel pitch, the lower the transparency of the screen. Therefore, a balance between the fineness of the image and light transmission needs to be taken into account.


4. High standard of components

Driver ICs, masks, circuit boards, LED beads, etc. The lamp beads in particular will account for 70% of the cost of the entire screen and therefore need to be carefully selected.


5. Level of protection.

Make sure the screen has a level of protection sufficient to resist UV, moisture, water and other contaminants.






2. Applications of Transparent LED Displays.


1. Shopping Centres

Compared to traditional LED displays, transparent LED video walls can create a brighter and more spacious interior and help to create a more impressive brand image.


2. Building facades

Protecting the transparency, structure and appearance of a giant building's glass curtain while balancing a shiny promotional effect.


3. Stage performances

Transparent displays in conjunction with stage lighting, sound effects and performances can create a unique, realistic landscape and a fantastic visual experience.


4. Advertising

Transparent LED screens can immediately attract people's attention and leave a lasting impression of your brand.


5. Exhibits

Modern technology is combined with exhibits to create an art experience like no other.






3. What are the characteristics of Transparent LED Display?


Transparent LED display not only has all the advantages of conventional outdoor LED display, but also ensures the maximum degree of normal use of the window. It does not have the thick, opaque and difficult-to-see weaknesses of ordinary led displays and LCD screens, and has the characteristics of a lighter, more flexible and softer body with a high transmission rate.


Compared to architectural walls, people are more likely to use transparent screens on window LEDs.


In addition, in the design of transparent LED screens for advertising content screen, the black part can be set directly without light, presenting the bottom colour of the display, to achieve a transparent effect. This can greatly reduce light pollution and also reduce energy consumption.






4. Transparent LED Screen Advantages.


1. High transparency. The transparency of up to 80% allows for natural lighting and viewing of the interior, with the screen itself almost invisible from a certain distance.

2. Lightweight. 10mm thickness and 14kg/m2 weight allow it to be installed in small spaces with minimal negative impact on the appearance of the glass window in the building.

3. High brightness and energy savings. The high luminance ensures a superior visual effect even in direct sunlight, eliminates the need for a cooling system and saves a lot of electricity.

4. Easy maintenance. No need to remove modules or panels when repairing individual SMDs. Small cost, small size and quality, simple structure and easy maintenance.

5. Wide range of applications. It can be applied to any building with a glass wall, such as shopping centres, theatres, hotels and landmarks, making the building more landscaped and eye-catching.



To Sum up

In this article we have discussed a lot about transparent LED displays and tried to break down the different situations to show you how to choose the right transparent display. If you want to buy a transparent display at a good price, look no further than SandsLED!