Indoor LED Display


Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED displays are mostly used in various application scenarios such as stadiums, hotels, bars, entertainment, events, stages, conference rooms, monitoring centers, classrooms, shopping malls, stations, scenic spots, lecture halls, exhibition halls, etc. It has great commercial value. Common cabinet sizes are 640mm*480mm 500mm*100mm. 500mm*500mm. Pixel Pitch from P1.953mm to P10mm for Indoor fixed LED Display.



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1.What are the applications of indoor LED displays in daily life?


2.Why are merchants willing to buy indoor display screens?


3.What are the advantages of indoor display screens?


4.What are the Features of indoor led display?


5.What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED display?



1 What are the applications of indoor LED displays in daily life?


In our daily life, you can see LED displays being used in shops, supermarkets, etc. Merchants use indoor LED display screens to play advertisements to attract people's attention and enhance brand awareness. In addition, many businesses will also use indoor LED displays to enhance the atmosphere in various entertainment activities such as bars and KTV. Indoor LED displays are also often used in basketball courts, football fields, and stadiums to broadcast information. In short, indoor display screens have been involved in all aspects of our lives and have added a lot of color to our lives.






2.Why are merchants willing to buy indoor display screens?


First of all, it can play a very good role in advertising. High-definition and creative broadcast content can help businesses attract more customers' attention. In addition, because the LED display screen has a relatively long service life, merchants only need to purchase it once and can use it for several years. During the period of use, merchants only need to publish text, images, videos, and other information on the LED display to achieve a good publicity effect, which can save a lot of advertising costs for merchants. Therefore, Many businesses are willing to choose to buy indoor LED displays.



3.What are the advantages of indoor display screens?


1. Safety:

The LED display is installed with a low-voltage DC power supply voltage, so it is very safe to use. Regardless of the elderly or children, it can be used safely without causing potential safety hazards.


2. Flexibility:

The indoor LED display uses very soft FPC as the substrate, which is easy to form and suitable for various advertising modeling needs.


3. Long service life:

The normal service life of LED display is 80,000 to 100,000 hours, and it works 24 hours a day, and its service life is almost 5-10 years. Therefore, the life of the led display is several times that of the traditional one. This is incomparable to ordinary displays and has been proved by customers' personal use. The service life of led displays is more than 50,000 hours, and ideally it can reach 5-10 years.


4. Super energy saving:

Compared with traditional lighting and decorative lamps, the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better. Now LED display manufacturers have greatly increased the energy-saving and consumption-reducing wiring in the design of the driver chip due to the improvement of technology, and the use of high-brightness LED lights on the package, constant current and low voltage and other technologies have made the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effect obvious.






4. What are the Features of indoor led display?


Indoor LED Displays adopt magnetic suction design, front maintenance. Die-Casting aluminum Cadient with fast lock, locking only takes 5seconds easy to operate. Cabinets can be spliced at 90 degrees to meet your different needs. Front service indoor LED display have good heat dissipation, high brightness, low power consumption, simple appearance, and ultra-thin and ultra-light cabinet have good heat dissipation, low power consumption, high contrast, wide color gamut, high color reproduction, constant brightness, large viewing angle, and simple appearance.





5. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED display?


Generally, the price of indoor LED displays will be higher than that of outdoor LED displays, because the viewing requirements, distance, viewing effect, etc. of general outdoor LED displays are not as high as those indoors.

So, besides the difference in price, what is the difference?


1. Brightness requirements are different.

Because the sun is very bright and the light is very strong in many areas abroad, especially at noon when the sun is directly shining, people cannot open their eyes. Therefore, when the outdoor LED display is used outdoors, the brightness requirement is higher. Outdoor LED displays should be placed under direct sunlight. If the brightness is not handled well, or there are reflections, etc., it will definitely affect the viewing effect.


2. Different use environments

When using LED displays indoors, we need to strengthen ventilation measures to maintain indoor humidity and dry the front and back of the LED display

But outdoors, due to the diversity of LED display used environments, the display screen challenges the adaptability of the product in a variety of environments; the display screen generally needs to pay attention to waterproof, fireproof and other requirements.


3. Different viewing distances

The higher the pixel, the clearer the display, and the larger the information capacity that can be contained, so the closer the viewing distance is. Outdoors do not require as much pixel density as indoors. Due to the longer viewing distance and lower pixel density, the distance is larger than indoors.







Today we introduce the application of indoor LED display in daily life, why merchants are willing to buy indoor LED display, the Features and advantages of indoor LED display, the difference between indoor and outdoor LED display, and our factory. What else do you want to know? You can leave a message to let us know, we will give you a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.