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Full color sensor box HD-S108

Short Description:

HD-S108 supports real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment.

Product Detail

Product specification

Full color multiple-function box


V2.0 20190522

S108 is a full color multiple-function sensor box that integrates temperature, humidity, brightness and remote controlConnected to the LED display control system,The ambient temperature and humidity can be displayed on the LED displayAt the same time, it supports automatically changing the brightness according to the surrounding brightness environment change. In addition, the program can be paused and played and the program can be switched through the remote control.

Technical Parameters

Working temperature


Sensitivity - high \ medium \ low

Get data every 5s\10s\15

Standard wiring length


Function list


Monitor temperature and display on LED screenMeasuring range-40℃~123.8℃


Monitor humidity and display on the LED screenMeasuring range0%RH~100%RH
Brightness Automatically change the brightness of the LED display according to the brightness change of the environment

Adjustment range1%~100%

remote Realize remote control of switching programs, program pauses and play.

Appearance description

dfg (4)

Running lightflicker—worknot bright—Not workingcheck the cable if it is reversed connected.);Press the remote control and it will flash.

Remote control receiver remote control is for switch on and off screen, program selection, brightness adjustment, screen test etc.

Temp/humiditySensing the temperature/humidity of the environment.

Brightness sensingSensing the brightness of the environment automatically adjusts the brightness of the display. The daytime light is strong, the screen is brighter; the night light is weak, the screen is dark.


dfg (5)

Cable interface description

The serial port connector, as shown below, is connected to the S108 box.

 dfg (2)

The three-in-one interface, as shown below, has higher compatibility and supports the connection between the play box and the old version control card.

dfg (3)

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