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Full Color Banner Screen Control Card HD-D36

Short Description:

HD-D36 is a small video control card for full color LED screen, the maximum load capacity is 65,536 pixels, the widest is 1024 pixels, the highest is 128 pixels, come with Wi-Fi module, mobile APP wireless management, it can support optional 4G module, Internet remote cluster control, it used extensively for lintel led screens, car screen and full color small size led screens.

Product Detail

Product Specifications

Full Color Asynchronous Control Card


V0.1 20210603

System Overview

HD-D36 Full color asynchronous Control System is an LED display control system for Lintel led screens, car screen and full color small size led screens. It is equipped with Wi-Fi module, support mobile APP control and Internet remote cluster control.

Supporting computer control software HDPlayer, mobile phone control software LedArt and HD technology clouds management platform.

Application Scenario

1. The internet cluster management diagram is as follows:

dtfh (4)

2. The control card can be connected directly with the computer Wi-Fi to update the programs, as shown below:

dtfh (5)

NoteHD-D36support update the programs by U-disk or removable hard disk.

Program Features

1.Standard Wi-Fi module,mobile App wireless;
2.Support 256~65536 grayscale;
3.Support Video、Picture、Animation、Clock、Neon background;
4.Support word art, animated background, neon light effect;
5.U-disk unlimited expansion program, plug in broadcast;
6.No need set IP, HD-D15 could be identified by controller ID automatically;
7.Support 4G/Wi-Fi/ and network cluster management remote management;
8.Support 720P video hardware decoding, 60HZ frame rate output.

System Function list

Module type Static to 1-64 scan modules
Control Range Tot al 1024*64,Widest:1024 or highest:128
Gray Scale 256~65536
Video Formats 60Hz frame rate output, support 720P video hardware decoding, direct transmission, no trans-coding waiting. AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, ASF, MPG, FLV, F4V, MKV, MOV, DAT, VOB, TRP, TS, WEBM, etc.
Animation Formats SWFFLV GIF
Image Formats BMPJPGJPEGPNG etc.
Text Support text message editing, inserting picture;
Time analog clock, digital clock and a variety of dial clock functions
 Other function Neon, animations function; Clockwise/counter-clockwise count; support temperature and humidity; Adaptive brightness adjustment function
Memory 4GB memory, more than 4 hours’ program support. Indefinitely expanding memory by U-disk;
Communication U-disk/Wi-Fi/LAN/4G(Optional)
Port 5V Power *1, 10/100M RJ45 *1, USB 2.0 *1, 50PIN HUB *1
Power 5W 

Interface Definition

One 50PIN HUB parallel data are defined as follows:

dtfh (2)

Dimension Chart

dtfh (6)

Interface Description

dtfh (1)

1.Power terminal, connect 5V power;
2.RJ45 network port and the computer network port , router or switch connected to the normal working state is orange light is always on, green light flashes;
3.USB port:connect to the USB device for update program;
4.Wi-Fi Antenna connector socket: weld antenna socket of Wi-Fi;
5.4G Antenna connector socket: weld antenna socket of 4G;
6.Wi-Fi indicator light: display Wi-Fi work status;
7.4G indicator light: display 4G network status.
8.4G module:Used to provide control card to access the Internet (Optional);
9.HUB port:2 lines 50PIN HUB port, install HUB board;
10.Display light (Display), normal working state is flashing;
11.Test button: for test the brightness and contrast of the display screen;
12.Temperature Sensor port: for connect to Temperature;
13.GPS port:for connect to GPS module, use for time correction and fixed position;
14.Indicator light:PWR is the power indicator, the power supply normal indicator is always on; RUN is the indicator, the normal working indicator flashes;
15.Sensor port:for connect external sensor,Such as environmental monitoring, multi-function sensors, etc.;
16.Power port :Foolproof 5V DC power interface, the same function as 1.

8.Basic Parameters





Rated voltage(V)




Storage temperature()




Work environment temperature()




Work environment humidity (%)




Net weight(kg)





1) To ensure that the control card is stored during normal operation, make sure the battery on the control card is not loose,

2) In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system; please try to use the standard 5V power supply voltage.

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