Sports Solutions


Sports Solutions

Sands LED offers the industry's most comprehensive range of sports LED displays to make sports more colorful. Sands-LED's line of motion LED screens provides the perfect balance between image quality and cost efficiency for every sporting event.



Sports LED displays are often used in major international events such as the Basketball World Cup, table tennis Asian Championships and stadium construction projects.

The main reason is that the large LED screen can not only bring the audience the exciting part of the game such as slow motion replay, athlete introduction, but also show the specific details of the athlete's score and score loss, which is very practical.

As a result, sports LED screens have become an important part of stadium construction, which not only make it easier for spectators to access real-time game conditions and enhance the perception of the game, but also assist in making more impartial decisions by capturing and displaying game details to reduce unnecessary conflicts.



1. The 8 most important features of a motion LED display:


2. Different stadium LED display installation suggestions


3. What can sports LED screens do for you?


4. Solution and application of sports LED display


5. Application scenario:



1. The 8 most important features of a motion LED display:


1. Protection design

 There are two protection mechanisms that protect people and the screen itself -- a soft LED module mask and a soft pillow.

Good protection can not only reduce the loss of the screen itself, reduce the chance of damage, but also protect the body safety of the personnel during the competition when they hit the screen.


2. Easy to install, firmly installed, not easy to collapse

Strong support makes our sports field LED display can stand firmly, not easy to collapse because of external force, more safe and reliable.


3. multi-angle adjustable

 The Sands-led Sports LED screen is equipped with an adjustable rear stand that allows the LED screen in the stadium to be tilted to your desired effect. There can be more ways to display, expand the audience's vision, to achieve better visual effects.


4. Signal and power backup support

 Equipped with dual signal dual power supply solution, the screen does not need to worry about line break and power off, to ensure smooth playback, continuous work.


5. Quick maintenance

 Rapid replacement and maintenance can effectively improve profitability as modules can be replaced in as little as 10 seconds. The sports LED display supports dual service, that is, the cabinet can be maintained from the front and back.

Thanks to the user-friendly design, almost all components can be quickly removed and replaced. Save your time and improve your work efficiency.


6. Wide use

 Indoor and outdoor applications, a variety of scenarios, such as ribbon LED display, digital scoreboard, live video wall, as well as LED ball screen and other creative LED screen, you want, we can do.


7. High standard visual effects

 Our sports LED screens usually have high standard visual effects, such as 3840Hz, high contrast, wide gray and smooth display effect, can bring you a high standard visual feast.





2. Different stadium LED display installation suggestions


For different types of stadium LED display, there are different installation standards. Generally speaking, the common display types in the stadium are plane LED display, ring display, curved LED display and perimeter LED display.


1. Flat-panel LED display

a. In a multifunctional stadium, it shall be installed at both ends of the longer side. When only one screen needs to be installed, it should be installed at the longer end.

b. The swimming pool and swimming pool shall be installed opposite the end of the swimming lane.

c. In the diving stadium, it is recommended to install it on the side opposite the diving platform.

d. More than 95% of the audience in the seating area of the venue can clearly see the content on the screen.

e. The content on the screen should enable players, coaches and referees to see the game clearly. (except for special requirements of the sport).

f. The installation of rented LED display can refer to the technical requirements of related activities.


2. Funnel shaped LED display screen

a. It should be installed above the center of the field, and the lower edge of the display should be higher than the ground to meet the clearance requirements of different sports.

b. Each main display surface shall be properly inclined to the booth with a dip Angle of (5-10)°.

c. Permanent fixed installation or hanging lifting installation can be selected according to the purpose of construction

d. Maintenance should be provided.


3. Circular LED display

a. The circular display may be designed as one or more circles according to the building structure, and the height should not interfere with the view of the audience in the area.

b. Maintenance should be provided.


4. Peripheral LED display

a. It shall be installed outside the site buffer zone in the form of a fence, preferably with a height not exceeding 1 meter.

b. Use a soft mask and ensure that the cabinet is earthquake-proof.

c. Fast assembly and disassembly.

d. Emergency access should be provided.6.11

3. What can sports LED screens do for you?


1. Participation

Sports LED screens can create experiences that exceed fans' expectations. Perimeter LED display, curved ribbon screen, digital scoreboard, video live wall and other types of sports screens. The real-time experience and interactive perception brought by the display are beyond the reach of traditional billboards.


2. Education

As a comprehensive teaching method, LED video displays allow your students to access unparalleled learning opportunities in an entertaining, up-to-date, and more imaginative way.


3. Income

With an LED screen, you'll get an extra way to boost your income. For example, sponsorship revenue from video presentations can steadily increase your income and also provide a new way to promote your brand, which is an efficient investment.


4. Maximize fan experience

The motion LED display allows every visitor to enjoy every detail of the event by giving them the best view from anywhere. Especially for spectators in the back row, the huge sports LED display will help them not miss a minute of the game.


5. Improve the efficiency of the control room

A control room with multiple LED screen displays can help increase efficiency, as all operations can be more efficient than before. Fast response and high-definition image quality ensure that it can play this important role.




4. Solution and application of sports LED display


Imagine a few screens in the stadium, with which you can promote your brand, boost sponsorship revenue, and display camera footage, scores, or anything else by directly or subconsciously delivering whatever message you want to impress your customers.

Most importantly, this approach has a high return on investment, enabling you to make a satisfactory profit.

Here, we will list seven sports LED display solutions for you to maximize your potential profit from your stadium investment.


1. Outdoor peripheral LED display

Outdoor perimeter LED screens can be widely used in stadiums and arenas.

It is made up of a number of separate cabinets connected together, which can be installed in large areas and around the perimeter of the stadium to serve advertising sponsors.

Unlike previous static peripheral screens, digital displays allow content to change as needed and, if needed, work for different companies at the same time.

With high brightness, high protection and a variety of pixel spacing, our perimeter LED displays can interact with fans, increase broadcasting opportunities, and potentially provide additional revenue through advertising and sponsorship!


2. LED scoreboard

Digital LED scoreboards are a must-have at all sports venues and increasingly indispensable to spectators.

In addition, the scoreboard can rebroadcast direct broadcasts from fans or live action, as well as Twitter feed streams and other means to increase audience engagement. 

Sands-LED offers a wide range of scoreboard screen sizes and spacing, and can design custom screen systems that can be retrofitted or implemented on your new project.


3. LED ribbon display

Ribbon LED screens can wrap around rows of seats in a stadium, creating an infinite loop of advertising areas.

It can deliver real-time events, user interactions (such as live Twitter broadcasts) to encourage user engagement, and offers significant revenue potential.

Sandds-LED provides customers with curved ribbon LED screens in a variety of sizes and spacing, as well as the technical support you'll need for such creative LED display projects that are indispensable!


4. Large live LED video wall

A large live LED video wall can be used to create a score zone, camera feed zone, live video zone, advertising zone, and reach fans in the stands.

Combined with the medium sized LED display, even if the venue is large, it can be seen by all fans.


5. Shaped LED wall, customized design

Specially shaped LED walls offer an innovative possibility for more revenue, as they can build landmark venues, inspire fans and engage them. These creative LED displays can provide areas such as advertising, team branding, engaging live video and playback.

One thing to emphasize is that such creative LED screens often require sufficient design, manufacturing and delivery capabilities from the supplier.


6. LED floor display

Combined with popular infrared sensor technology, touch capabilities, voice recognition, 3D LED displays and VR/AR, sports LED displays can build a smarter stadium.

LED floor screens in sports venues can track athletes' movements, simulate movement paths, and also implement some virtual scenarios to make them participatory.

Bearing capacity, strong protection, intelligent interaction and easy installation, Sands-LED Sports floor LED displays break the boundaries of traditional displays to bring smarter applications to your stadium while ensuring safety and visual performance.


7. Dynamic LED table

Dynamic LED table is a new application in the LED screen industry, you may be unfamiliar with it. However, it is growing rapidly thanks to features such as photo switching and video playback.

This creates an intelligent scenario for the user, allowing the audience to experience the tension and excitement of a sporting event.



5. Application scenario:


In addition to showing scores and showing games, this scoreboard can also work for the owner as follows:

a. Replace traditional outdated display screens to make them more attractive and cost effective.

b. Offer sponsorship. Local banks, tech companies, restaurant chains or corporate sponsors can all be displayed via LED video walls. Screens get money from them in exchange for having their brand or Logo plastered on the screen.

c. Community/school activities. In addition to sporting events, screens can be used to display other school events, such as school assemblies, proms and graduations, as well as other campus events.

d. In addition, it could become a space for community events, making the stadium a good place for other organizations to rent for training programs or other events.


Here, we provide some useful information about sports LED displays. If you want to buy stadium LED screens or peripheral LED screens, this article can help you make a smarter investment and get more profit! However, nothing is more effective than contacting a professional directly. We are a team that can provide the most helpful advice on your LED display project from details to quotes.