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Transparent LED Display

Short Description:

Transparent LED display,also called glass LED display,ice LED display.features in super transparent, super light, high contrast ratio,high refresh rate, create a more efficient and valuable urban media.It can be installed behind glass window, glass curtain walls, or hang in the air.Transparent LED display can apply into building glass wall,such as airport, bank, hotel, shopping mall, 4S store, luxury store etc.

The LED transparent screen adopts stunning transparent glass display technology, which takes advantage of the business environments such as glass windows, glass curtain walls, large indoor shopping malls and other locations as far as possible. It can attract accurate customers quickly and accurately but maintain the original appearance of the location.

  • Application Type: Chain store , Indoor advertising column , commercial display
  • Color: Full-color
  • Cabinet Material: Die-casting aluminum / Iron box / aluminum profile
  • Usage: Semi outdoor / outdoor
  • Recommend Viewing Distance: ≥5m
  • Standard Size: 1000x500mm,500x1000mm
  • Special Size: Can be customized
  • Special Requirement: Can be customized
  • MOQ: 1SQM
  • Product Detail

    Excellent Transparency Effect

    Ultralight Product weight 15KG/㎡,fully meet the glass curtain wall load demand.
    Presence Product permeability is greater than 65.
    Max contrast ratio >=3000:1
    Brightness ≥4000 adjustable
    It makes for excellent viewing


    Convenient Maintenance

    Maintenance is fast and convenient, saving manpower and material resources. Only a simple steel frame structure is required, which saves a lot of costs:

    This product does not need complex supporting steel structure, and it adopts seamless integration of one-piece large glass screen.


    Super Power Saving

    Super power saving The power consumption is only 1/3 of the conventional display.
    Highly transparent acrylic material,resistant,stretch resistant,impact tesistant.
    Typical life (hrs) 100000.


    Exquisite Craftsmanship

    Attached to the back of the glass;The weight per square is around 12KG;

    Flexible movement according to the requirements of the site and the design requirements;


    Application Places

    urban CBD‎, large shopping malls, transportation hubs, glass windows, commercial exhibitions, etc.


    Hardware Features

    Connecting plug-in without arrangement to improve stability and facilitate installation, disassembly, and maintenance

    The unit structure adopts a new cast aluminum shell with lightweight, high precision, fast heat dissipation.

    Point-to-point module design for module front/back maintenance

    HD led video wall modular design, easy for installation and field maintenance;

    Seamless connection; precise modules for getting a smooth viewing experience.


    SandsLED recommends that our customers purchase enough LED display modules for spare replacement. If the LED display modules come from different purchases, the LED display modules may come from different batches, which will cause color difference.

     Technical Specification

    Pareameter name Transparent screen 
    T3.91(1000x500) T3.97(1000x500) T7.81(1000x500) TH7.81-15.625(1000x500)
    Module parameter Pixel structure RGB
    LED Specifications SMD1921 SMD3535
    Pixel pitch (mm) landscape3.91mm-vertical7.81mm landscape3.97mm-vertical7.81mm landscape7.81mm-vertical7.81mm landscape7.81mm-vertical15.625mm
    Module resolution (W × H) 128×16 126×16 64×32 64×8
    Module size (mm) 500(W)×125(H)×15(D)
    Cabinet composition Cabinet module composition (W × H) 2×4
    Cabinet resolution (W × H) 256×64 252×64 128×64 128×32
    Cabinet size (mm) 1000(W)×500(H)×65 (D) 1000(W)×500(H)×90 (D)
    Cabinet material Die-cast aluminum
    Weight (kg/PCS) 8
    Pixel density (dots/㎡) 32768 32256 16384 8192
    Cabinet flatness (mm) ≤ 0.2
    Optical parameter Brightness (nits) ≥4000 adjustable ≥3500 adjustable
    Color temperature (K) 3000-9300K adjustable
    Gray level (Bit) 12/14/16
    Horizontal viewing angle ( °) 140
    Vertical viewing angle ( °) 140
    Luminous point center distance deviation <3%
    Brightness uniformity ≥97%
    Chromaticity uniformity ±0.003Cx, within Cy
    Maximum contrast ≥3000:1
    Electrical parameter Peak power consumption (W/㎡) 620 450
    Average power consumption (W/㎡) 150 120
    Power supply requirements AC85-264V (50-60Hz)
    Processing performance Drive mode constant current drive
    Frame change frequency (Hz) 60
    Refresh rate (Hz) ≥ 1920
    Using parameter Typical life (hrs) 100000
    Maintenance method Front/rear maintenance
    Operating temperature range (°C) -20℃~+50℃
    Operating humidity range (RH) without condensation 10 ~ 90%


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