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LED Display Solution for Sports Arena & Stadium


Firstly, the LED display around the stadium is necessary. It could not only display real-time information like game score, helping the audience to easily understand the competition process and details, but also live the wonderful moments of players and audiences to light the stadium’s atmosphere.

In order to achieve these effects, the performance of LED screens and LED design must be strictly required.

And that's what SandsLED is good at. Our products own excellent performance. Their properties of high resolution, high refresh rate, high brightness and high color contrast make them easy to reproduce the true scenes and capture every micro movement. Also, its broad viewing Angle combined with our professional design ability, can absolutely guarantee the fabulous viewing experience of audience in every location while save you unnecessary expenses.


Besides, hoisting LED screens which locate in the center of stadium are usually used in large indoor sports events. For example, NBA games. As the focal point of spectators' vision, they could fully display the contents you put and attract more potential sponsors.

When selecting the center hoisting screen, the following points should be noted. It should not only have clear and bright image, but also fashionable appearance and light weight, in order to fit with the stadium decoration and realize the function of rising and falling.

Out indoor fine pixel pitch series is absolutely the choice. Its pixel pitch could achieve 1.25mm, giving it powerful image performance ability. Also, by die-casting the whole cabinet, it owns graceful lines and fashionable appearance. Moreover, the material of the cabinet is aluminum instead of traditional iron, so the weight is extremely light. Taking the size of 640*480mm(25.2*18.9 in) as an example, each box is only 7.5KG (16.5 lbs)


Then is the perimeter LED screen, which is definitely the most ingenious combination of LED display and sports events. By endowing the stadium fence with the function of media display, it brings greater advertising value to sports events without occupying any space. But, at the same time, the requirements for LED screens are even more stringent. Taking the UEFA standard as an example, the perimeter LED screen requires accurate color rendering of brand LOGO, and high refresh rate to effectively avoid black lines and flickers during live broadcasting. In addition, the stadium perimeter LED screen should have anti-collision design, on the one hand to ensure the stable work under high intensity impact, and the other to avoid injury to the players.


Our perimeter LED display series perfectly meet the requirements of all international events. It as always has the superior performance, such as high refresh rate, high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and wide gray scale. And the High-Precision cabinet plane splicing distance is controlled within 0.1mm (0.00394 in), perfectly ensuring the smooth splicing and seamless connection. Last but not least, we make the high-quality soft mask, so that it can also run stably under high intensity work, while protecting the safety of athletes.


In addition, all the above products wear the most intelligent and sensitive control system, which supports the segmentation management, releasing and updating of the screen in the whole network, helping you to divide into multiple areas to display various pictures. You only need to click on the mobile terminal of the mobile phone, and easily control the screen.

All of our products condense the most cutting-edge technology, carry the aesthetic philosophy of our professional team and produced by the most rigorous process.

Contact us now to learn more about our sport LED displays. We could also provide the best solutions for your sports events, bringing the most passionate viewing experience your audience and creating the greatest economic benefits for you.

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  • Post time: Sep-05-2022