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Command Centre LED Display Solution

With the rapid development of information technology and the popularity of the Internet, various kinds of command centre visualization demand increased, and LED display systems have been chosen to establish a visual comprehensive command centre. Government departments and enterprises are accelerating the pace of their own information construction. In the information infrastructure construction, the command centre is an important part, which must have the functions of centralized data collection, data analysis, policy formulation, resource scheduling and distribution. The display screen solution of the command centre rapidly processes all kinds of image and video signals through large screen control software, and takes the display screen as the front display carrier to visually present information, providing favourable business support for the decision-makers in the command centre to quickly access multi-party data and accurately and efficiently process events.

More and more people are concerned about how to analyze first-hand data and make decisions. Therefore, the big data screen, which can display the data in a graphical mode, has become the key. It is the popularity of the big data screen that gives birth to the major command centres. Obviously, the importance of the data screen in the command centre is proof!


The LED display system of the intelligent command centre mainly includes the scientific research and teaching of daily work, video security monitoring system, video conference system, integrated multimedia system, integrated control system, visual command system and digital business construction, etc., so as to realize the interconnection of information of each business platform.

 So what are the distinct advantages of LED display as a command centre visualization application?

01 Quick Response

 The command centre displays complex information and a huge amount of data, so the display terminal is required to respond quickly and present the picture content comprehensively. 

SandsLED display screen can be achieved by microsecond response speed to a lot of information, high data flow, and a more convenient way monitor to show in a rich, accurate and efficient integrated information display interface, facilitating a unified command, scheduling, to ensure that the entire command system with correlation, high efficiency, integrity, power led careful deployment, decisive decision-making.


02 High Efficiency and Stability

The command centre needs to match safe, stable and reliable visual terminals to serve the access and scheduling of mass information and complex data signals. SandsLED displays have strong working ability and stability, reliability, low energy consumption, long life, easy maintenance and other performance, supporting 24 hours uninterrupted operation, and system redundancy backup, which greatly improve security and reliability, and provide strong support for fast processing events.


03 Excellent Effect

The command centre also has very high requirements for high-resolution, high grey-level restoration display under low brightness, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity, low noise and low heat dissipation. SandsLED display has the advantages of high grey level, high contrast, colour consistency and uniformity so that the picture is high and bright, the colour is realistic, the sense of hierarchy is strong, and the true image information is accurately restored, which provides an effective guarantee for the command-related work.


04 Seamless Stitching

At present, the large screen of the command centre needs to meet the ultra-high resolution large-format display, and the real-time picture information such as geographic information, road network diagram, weather cloud map, and panoramic video is collected, stored, managed and presented on the large screen, and seamless stitching is exactly the advantage of SandsLED display. The integrated picture can avoid the embarrassment of splicing the picture between units, and there will be no brightness difference between units, so the massive information and data can be intuitively and truthfully presented.


Facing the LED indoor control market, the LED display screen of the command centre needs the screen enterprises to provide differentiated supporting services and solution systems and highly integrates with the current intelligent technology, AI technology and information technology service system with rapid development. This change actually requires that the current LED display enterprises must pay more attention to the all-around innovation ability of "from technology, products to system services and solutions". In a word, core technology innovation, coupled with the accelerated competition of enterprise system service capability, will constitute the core keywords of indoor LED display market competition, which requires enterprises to make active responses.

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  • Post time: Oct-26-2022