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What kind of LED transparent screen is the best choice!

Compared with LED transparent screen is having more and more broad market application prospects, car 4S stores, mobile phone stores, jewelry stores, brand clothing stores, sports brand stores, catering brand chain stores, brand convenience chain stores and various exhibitions, stage performances, etc., a large number of application scenarios, LED transparent screens appear thin, transparent, cool figure.

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Transparent screens are currently mainly divided into two categories: positive luminous grille light bar screen, side illuminated light bar screen. So how should we choose these two transparent screens? What are the characteristics of each of them? Let's give you a specific analysis.
1. Features of positive luminous light bar screen: the use of conventional encapsulated lamp beads on the market is the solution adopted by most transparent screen manufacturers. The transparency of the screen is relatively low, the price is low, and the structural span beam is more affected.
2. Features of side illuminated light bar screen: the use of side illuminated lamp beads specially tailored for transparent screens is a solution adopted by some professional transparent screen manufacturers. It is characterized by high transparency, less structural span beams, good aesthetics, and is conducive to large-scale standardized production of screen factories. But the price is slightly more expensive.
Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two options in detail:
Transparency comparison
Due to the different position of the lamp bead patch, the thickness of the light strip of the positive luminous transparent screen must be greater than the size of the lamp bead, while the placement and space of the side illuminated lamp bead are less limited. Due to the light bar itself blocking the light, the permeability of the side luminous transparent screen is better than that of the positive light. This is a clear advantage of side-illuminated transparent screens.
Appearance contrast
In order not to block the light, the driver IC of the positive light transparent screen can only be installed on both sides of the light bar. The side-illuminated transparent screen does not have this limitation, and the driver IC can be placed behind the lamp bead to hide. Therefore, the number of lamp beads controlled by the positive light strip driver IC is limited, resulting in the limitation of the length of the light bar, and the entire structure of the positive light transparent screen is lattice type. The side-illuminated transparent screen can be made longer with a single strip. The appearance of the screen body is also more beautiful.

Post time: Apr-21-2023