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FI-B (Magic Fixed) Series Slim Indoor LED Display

Short Description:

SandsLED FI-B series slim indoor LED displays have fast heat dissipation, high contrast, wide color gamut, high color reproduction, constant brightness, large viewing angle, low power consumption, simple appearance, and ultra-thin and ultra-light cabinet. They are super cost-effective, perfect seamless stitching. They have anti-electron magnetic interference function. Optional splicing combination, can be customized any size modeling.

  • Cabinet Size: 500*500 500*750, 500*1000, 250*500, 250*750, 250*1000
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.9mm, 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6.9mm
  • Applications: Control center, Conference room, Shopping mall, Chain shop, Home cinema, etc.
  • Product Detail


    Excellent Performance

    High refresh rate prevents flicker, 16-bit color processing provides the highest level of the color gradien. Better and nature gray scale shifting reduce shooting stripes effectively.


    Uniform Color

    Broadcast color gamut, color temperature and brightness, are intelligently adjustable, high contrast, beautiful and natural picture.

    High Performance Driving IC

    High-performance driver IC, makes playback screen stable without ripple and blank screen. The problem of trailing and blurring during the rapid movement of the image are effectively solved.


    Easy to Install and Maintain

    LED dispalys cabinets are designed for wall-mounted installation. They can be fully accessed from the back & front creating. They can be assembled quickly by inner cable connection and be mounted on wall directly without frame.


    Multiple Applications

    Usually , the Extremely Thin 4K LED display is installed in: Meeting room; TV studio; Exhibition center; Shopping mall; Airport.


    Hardware Features

    Connecting plug-in without arrangement to improve stability and facilitate installation, disassembly, and maintenance;

    The unit structure adopts a new cast aluminum shell with lightweight, high precision, fast heat dissipation;

    Point-to-point module design for module front/back maintenance;

    HD LED video wall modular design, easy for installation and field maintenance;

    Seamless connection; precise modules for getting a smooth viewing experience.


    SandsLED recommends that our customers purchase enough LED display modules for spare replacement. If the LED display modules come from different purchases, the LED display modules may come from different batches, which will cause color difference.

    Technical Specification

    Model Sinpad-P1.95 Sinpad-P2.6 Sinpad-P2.9 Sinpad-P3.9 Sinpad-P4.8 Sinpad-P5.9
    Pixel Pitch P1.95 P2.6 P2.9 P3.9 P4.8 P5.9
    Cabinet Size(mm*mm*mm) 500*500 500*500, 500*750, 500*1000 500*500, 500*750, 500*1000 500*500, 500*750, 500*1000 500*500, 500*750, 500*1000 500*500, 500*750, 500*1000
    Horizontal Viewing Angle(Deg) 160 160 160 160 160 160
    Vertical Viewing Angle(Deg) 140 140 140 120 120 120
    Brightness(cd/m2) 800-1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
    Refresh Rate(Hz) 3840 3840 3840 3840 3840 3840
    Max Power Consumption(W/㎡) 560 440 440 450 450 450
    Average Power Consumption(W/㎡) 200 150 150 160 160 160
    Ingress Protection IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20


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