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About the core technical characteristics of Flexible LED display?

The various artistic and shaped flexible LED screens, such as curved screens, cylindrical screens, spherical screens, wearable screens, and ribbon screens can be seen everywhere in the scenes like urban planning centers, science and technology museums and large-scale complexes. Flexible LED displays are mainly achieved by using flexible materials and circuits to realize bending, rolling, and folding deformation processes, which allows the screens to be used on surfaces of various special shapes, including arc, circle, sphere, and irregular shapes. With the characteristics including lightweight, flexibility, high definition, and high brightness, flexible LED display can handle various complex application scenarios. 


Flexible and Changeable

Flexible LED display adopts lightweight and flexible substrates which can be bent, curved, and folded according to the actual requirements of customers, adapting to various complex application scenarios and enhancing the flexibility of the screen.


Lightweight and Slim

The entire screen is lightweight and slim, making it easy to hang and transport, and greatly reducing installation costs. It is also convenient to install and maintain. At the same time, the modular design makes maintenance and replacement very convenient.


Convenient Installation

With a strong magnetic adsorption installation which can be directly attached to the surface of the buildings or structures. The power box can be maintained before installation. There are various installation methods available (hanging, embedded, wall-mounted, suspended, bottom bracket, and floor-standing), which can meet the different needs of customers.

Faced with spaces that are difficult for traditional LED displays to fit, such as curved walls, cylinders and other irregular special locations, the use of LED flexible screens not only creates LED displays of various shapes easily, but also creates visually stunning images, which in turn attracts more viewers.

Post time: Jul-11-2023